Friday, December 12, 2008

Reading day

I didn't get much reading done this reading day. The library is partially to blame--Annie and I are WAITING to read The Empty Kingdom and the library is Taking its Precious Time getting it out on the shelves. If I didn't love the library, I would hate it right now.

Library, I take it back! I really do love you! I just want the book! I need it!

So I got my birthday present from the bookstore--a pound of fudge. I decided to try the Flavor of the Month, Eggnog. A pound is alot. But I'm sharing it with everyone, so its ok :).

I'm really missing my crayons. I haven't used them for weeks! Some girl from one of the neighboring apartments came looking for some crayons to borrow(maybe she figured that someone in the Art Major apartment would have crayons) and has never brought them back. This makes me Very Sad. I love my crayons.

Birthday Countdown: 2 days!

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