Monday, December 15, 2008

The Happiest of Birthdays

We just finished our roommate gift exchange.

My gift was obviously a book, simply by looking at the size of the package, but also by how it felt through the paper, etc. When I opened it, it was some random obscure book that didn't really look to be my kind of thing... but I started to make grateful noises anyway. Annilyn laughed and told me there was a note inside.

Anyway, long story short, I was sent on a treasure hunt all through the apartment, looking for letters. I colleced letters from the books/belongings of all of my roommates, including myself (There was one on the Firefly disks, one one one of our english books from last year, one in my copy of King of Attolia, one in my scriptures, one in my butter...)

Finally, I had all my letters. But then I had to unscramble them. I am absolutely NO GOOD at unscrambling. I was given the option of looking the word up in Russian instead of unscrambling it.

Russian has a messed up alphabet. Just sayin'.

The Happily Ever After:

My totally awesome and wonderful roommate whom I love got me The Winter Prince for Christmas/my birthday! It will be coming in the mail any day now.

Dude, I've got great roommates, tuition for an awesome college, lindy hopper shoes, and my new favorite book for Christmas/Birthday. I think I've got about all I need for a seriously awesome Christmas... if I recieve much more awesomeness, I just might explode.

*grins to self*

Oh, and more awesomness of the night: the roommate I was supposed to give to was Annie, but I could not think of anything to get her that was, like, good and special and unique. It was down to the wire, so I just... cut her a few snowflakes. I felt like it was kind of a lame way to get out of buying a gift, but she actually seemed really happy with them. Actually, I was really happy with them... I tried a new way of doing the classic angel-with-trumpet snowfake which I think is my best yet. I also tried doing a word and image on the same snowflake (Peace, with a dove) which turned out looking pretty nice as well.

And Annilyn got a special gift for all of us because she's leaving. Annilyn has this very strange... mutation (:-p) where onions simply don't effect her. She'll be happily cutting onions in the kitchen while we're all blind with tears. Anyway, she got us a special onion chopper machine. The note said something like, "for my roommates, so you don't cry too much when I'm gone." Ha ha, get it? I was amused.

And Annie gave me her awesome bird-as-a-wig-and-cat-as-a-scarf art piece for my birthday. And also the DVD of Dark Knight, which I took to be kind of mostly a gift for the whole apartment but I'm very glad to have recieved it for myself just the same :D.

And our home teachers brought a little flame torch thingy over and sang happy birthday and let me "blow" the torch out.

So it was a very birthday all around. :-D.

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emily jean said...

Well I am pleased that your birthday was so especially happy---Devin and I tried to call, but it was late, we had a little incident with some neighbors so we couldn't call earlier. PS mom is giving one lindy shoe for your birthday, and I am giving you the other for Christmas, Caleb says I love you aunt Sarah! ( at least I think that is what his noises mean...)toodles