Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buhay pa ako....

Hello everyone who reads my blog! Which is to say nobody, at least lately, because there hasn't been anything for anyone to read.


I really do want to do better. I really enjoyed having a blog before the mish and I've wanted to post here, I just never got back into the habit once I got home... theres always something else to do and all that. Well, I'm breaking that right NOW by postpoing my homework a bit longer, again, to give a quick brief update on my goings-on, which I hope will get the ball rolling for me so I'll start posting things here again like I used to.

I'm really excited for this new semester, all my classes so far are great and I'm learning so much... my only complaint would be how busy I am, but its good busy so its not that bad.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I have History of Graphic Design with Stephen A Hales. So far I'm really really enjoying this class, its been really interesting and thought-provoking, which I can't honestly say about art history classes I've taken in the past--and I'm an art major! It seems that people's question here is, why History of Graphic Design instead of History of Illustration? Well, this is the class that had room and fit in my schedule, and now that it's started I'm glad it worked out that way.

Tuesdays and Thursdays start with Senior Illustration Studio with Brother Barret, which has been fun so far. We're basically just doing different projects we can add to our portfolio and enter in competitions. Our first assignment was on the theme of "buffet", and my concept has evolved quite a bit since I started but I'm having alot of fun with it.

After that I have my Foundations Global Leadership class with Anton Bowden. This fulfills the Social Science general education requirement for graduation which most people fill by taking something like Anthropology or Politics or some such thing. I just saw the course title and thought it sounded cooler than any of the other courses and signed up. I'm really glad I did, everything we've talked about has been really interesting so far--Personality types, Learning Styles, and Team Dynamics are what we've covered so far. We met our groups for the group project today and I think my group has alot of potential to work well together, especially because we can apply what we've learned in class about how teams work effectively.

Then I have Professional Business Practices for Illustrators with Will Terry. This class is really fun and interesting. We've talked alot how the market for illustration is right in the middle of a huge shift because of new technology like e-books and the i-pad, but this doesn't have to be a bad thing for illustrators if we take advantage of the technology available. I'm really excited about what we've been learning in this class.

Then on Friday we have Illustration 4 with Justin Kunz, which is the En Plein Aire painting class. I've only been once so far and it was difficult, but I think with time I'll get better at it.

And on top of all that I need to start/continue work on my BFA project... I turned in my proposal today, I'll probably know on Thursday if the Illustration faculty liked my idea and whether I can go forward with it or if I need to think of something else.

And that is my life recently in a nutshell.

Is anybody reading this? Just out of curiosity...