Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Skit, scat, scoodle-doot, flip, flop, flee.

Take a look at this.

Yep. Those are my feet... in flip-flops. I haven't worn flip-flops in YEARS. This is because flip-flops are flat and can't hold arch supports.


I made arch supports. Yes indeedy!

I used craft foam, really good glue, and scissors. Of course I used my arch supports as a sort of guide.

I'm very happy with my flip-flops. Its so nice to not wear a full shoe in the heat!

Also: Kudos to the first person who can tell me what book the post subject comes from. (WITHOUT Google/internet help, obviously.)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


This week was completely awesome in several ways.

We drove over to Charlies to get our dental work done. I read two whole books on the ride there, plus bits of other books. I could have read three if I'd read straight through the whole trip, but even I'm not THAT hard core of a reader.

I needed the least dentistry stuff done, having only one small cavity--on a biting surface. This was repeated several times, "Yes, its a very very small one--and its just on a biting surface!" which made me think it was somehow important. Apparently cavities on biting surfaces are much easier to deal with. And it was small.

I was at the office for a long time anyway, because everyone else (mom sky lynz bre)had more stuff that needed doing. So I watched movies--Les Mis the movie, and then the movie of the musical/opera version. I wouldn't have been able to understand the musical version if I hadn't watched the movie first, but they were both awesome, and now I feel all cultured and actually know the context of the songs that I've heard so often. Plus Charlie and Lanea have the book of the music and the song Bring Him Home has only one flat and isn't too difficult to play, so I got photocopies of that to learn.

But the most awesome part of the week was our trip to San Francisco to see Wicked, as a sort of Birthday Gift for mom and a About to Leave thing for me. I've wanted to see it ever since I heard the sountrack in 9th grade... so, like, six years? five? Well, its been awhile anyway. We went early and spent the afternoon walking along Pier 39, Fishermans Wharf, and Ghiradelli Square. We went to the show and... well, I basically just sat there with my jaw wide open for any flys that may have happened to pass the whole time. It was that amazing. Also, you'd think I would be disappointed that the people in our performance didn't have the same voices, etc. as the recording that I have practically memorized, but it wasn't like that at all. After leaving the show I put in the Wicked soundtrack to listed to in the motorhome and... well, after Marcie Dodd's completely amazingly awesome performance as Elphaba, the Elphaba in the recording just didn't sound that great. Seriously, Marcie Dodd was--is--mind-blowingly awesome.

One of my favorite quotes--Elphaba has just arrived at school and everyone is staring at her--

"What? Have I got something in my teeth? Ok, lets get this over with. NO, I'm not seasick, YES I was born green, NO I didn't eat grass as a child."

One small (TINY) disappointment/surprise I had was the fact that, if you've heard the soundtrack you've heard most of the play. There is only a minute or two between most songs, when you've heard the songs you've heard most of the show. Once I realized this, there really wasn't to be disappointed in.

Here is a clip of one of the longer gaps between songs, with "our" Elphaba, Marcie Dodd. This isn't "our" Glinda (ours was Alli Mauzey, and I like her better) but its still pretty good. I also thing "our" performance was cleaner/more impressive/BETTER than this, but still.

I love our family.