Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mix and match

Yesterday was the first time I got really excited about clothes in a long time.

Mom and I went shopping yesterday afternoon, and now I have almost all the clothes I'll need for my mission. The shopping itself wasn't all that fun, but afterward when I had all my clothes laid out on my bed and I started putting together different combinations of shirts and skirts (and shoes--should I wear brown, brown, or brown?) Maybe once we have everything together (We're thinking maybe one more skirt, a pair of shoes, and a couple more skarfs--scarves? whatever) we could do, like, a photo shoot with all the different skirt/shirt/scarf/shoes combinations.

I've also been getting interested in (simple!) jewelry, for completing these outfits. I've been looking at etsy for some nice clip-on earrings, so I'll have a few of THOSE to choose from as well. (Clip-ons because I'm really not interested in poking holes in myself, and I don't care that everyone else is doing it.)