Friday, May 30, 2008

Its me.

Its me.
Well, since I already had a blogger account, it seemed just as well to start a real blog to go along with my art blog, which I don't exactly plan to use as a 'blog' anyway... just a place to put art.But what else to say? I could do some little 'about me' type thing, but I'm pretty sure that the only people that will be reading my blog are people that already know me anyway... so I'll just dive into it.
Haven't been reading much new stuff lately, but I did finally get another (very small!) bookshelf in my room so all my books are ON SHELVES, and not double stacked or anything! It gives me much happiness to be able to lay down and bed and see my beautiful books, all in a row. But, I do think that a trip to the library will be necessary in the near future.Been cooking alot lately, desserts and dinners mostly. Mom likes it because it frees her up to do her trip planning, but she's not so happy that I'm less good about cleaning up afterward. But most of the cleaning is part of kitchen jobs, why should I clean what my siblings are supposed to? ;)

Been painting alot these last few days! It was alot of fun. :) We went to Moab this past weekend, and mom took alot of pictures of flowers (with a bit of help from me. But not much. She sure did like those flowers. :) So I chose a couple of the flower pictures I liked and started paintings of them! The first cooperated very nicely, and I had it nearly finished in one night. I'm not quite happy with it though... I think its the background. (Backgrounds: the bane of my artistic existence!) I started a couple more flower pictures, both much bigger, that will take me awhile longer to finish. One of them I don't quite like where the flower decided to put itself on the canvas... I might have to start it again. But such is life, eh?

This is one of the flower pictures I'm doing a painting of. This flower is actually in our garden, not in Moab. Pictures of the actual paintings... later.


Some pictures from the Moab trip:

You'll see some of the cool scenery we saw on our hikes, the awesome music park we went to, and a couple other pictures I liked :) Enjoy!

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