Friday, December 19, 2008


I finished my last two finals today... the semester is officially over! Well, except I still have three more days of work (Tonight, Monday and Tuesday). But still! No more classes/studying until January! And, can I just say, I am really looking forward to next semester. (I've changed my schedule just a bit since I posted about it last time.) I'll still be taking the same number of classes (7) but it'll be less credits (This semester was 16.5, next semester will only be 14.5). I was actually signed up for an extra class for next semester so I'd have 16.5 credits, but I've done some thinking and thought better of it. This semester was a pretty stressful one (this week was a pretty stressful one... *headache*) and I'd like a bit of a break, which I think I'm gonna get, and not only because of the somewhat lighter credit load.

This semester I had alot of GE credits and 1 1/2 art classes. Thats it. (Oh, and a fun class. Which I plan to sit in on again next semester, only because it was like the awesomest class ever.) Next semester I have:
4 art classes (Basic typography, Intermediate Computer Applications for Illustrators, Illustration 1, and Intermediate Life Drawing)
1 Religion class: the Doctrine and Covenants
2 Fun classes: Beginning Social Dance, and, uh, Public speaking. Yes, I just put this under the heading "fun class". I keep telling myself that thats what it's going to be. And, IF (*crosses fingers*) my paper gets accepted for the religion symposium, I'd kinda like to be able to speak about it... well. And intelligently. And anyway, public speaking is, I think, a good skill to have, and is an area where I think I'm somewhat lacking. (And while we're talking about fun classes, I moved my classes around so I can sit in on the first hour and a half of Writing For Children. Because I want to.)

Oh, and I'm not saying that art classes are easier than others, because they're not. (Often, they're harder.) But I DO think that I'll enjoy them much more, which is what counts. Because if you're enjoying it, who cares if its hard, right?

But back to finals and this semester, it was kind of interesting to compare the two finals I took today. Both were for religion classes--LDS History (1805 ish to 1844 ish) and the other was New Testament (The Gospels). I really liked both of these classes alot. The teachers were nice, interesting, and enthusiastic. I think maybe my LDS History Lectures were more interesting, but some people might think otherwise from looking at my notes. (There are, uh, alot of doodles in that section of my notebook.) His lectures were interesting, but it was really, really, really hard to pick out the 'important' (AKA This Stuff Will Be On The Test Study It) stuff. There were really good lectures in New Testament, and they lent themselves much more easily to note taking, and there were even a few times when the teacher said, "Hey, pay attention, This Will Be On The Test." (Well, not those exact words, but same difference.) (My New Testament notes had fewer doodles than my LDS History ones had, but it actually kind of became a joke between me and my teacher. When I went in to take my test today he handed me the paper and said, "Ok, I want a whole lot of drawings all over this. Can you do that for me?")

So taking the tests today. On the LDS History test there were three different categories of questions. 1) Oh, I know this answer, I studied it. 2) Um, I think I remember him mentioning this in class once. 3) Who the what now? Where did THAT come from? I swear I've never heard of these people in my life.

I will admit, I did kind of badly on that test. Or maybe very badly. I didn't fail, though. We're looking on the bright side.

New Testament test, two kinds of questions. 1)I just barely looked over this in my notes! I totally know the answer! 2) Oh, I remember when we talked about this in class. I'm not sure, but I think the answer is _.
That test won't be graded for awhile, but I feel much better about it than I did about my LDS History test.

Both teachers were great, but if I had to choose to take a class from one of the two professors again, it would definitely be from my NT teacher.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


4 down,

2 to go.

I think I have a cold. Fortunately its not a bad one, mostly I just have to use alot of Kleenex. I hear that this sort of thing is not uncommon--your body holds up against the stress, etc., as long as it can, and then when finals are almost over your body gives into the strain. My high school English teacher said this happened to her like clockwork. This makes me feel better for some reason.

Of course, it might also have something to do with all that cold white stuff outside. And the fact that I'm running low on herbs/healthy foodstuffs.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


3 down.

3 to go.

I should have been studying this last hour. So now I'm gonna go do that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


2 down.

4 to go.

Wish me luck.

I am not good at studying. I never really had to do it for most classes until I got to college, and I never really lived with my awesome and distracting and funny friends until college. Meh. *WILLPOWER*

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bad Day at Work

So yesterday was pretty awesome. Today... was not. Well, today was actually pretty OK until I got to work.

Ok, so maybe I'm a wimp, but work today was NOT HAPPY.

First, I did not have breakfast this morning and had only a quick small bowl of granola before dashing to work. I had a steadily growing headache throughout work, maybe from lack of food or stress or both. And I had a bruised knee--I don't know where the bruise came from. This wouldn't be so bad except for shelving books on the lower shelves is usually made easier by kneeling down, and even if I didn't put pressure on the knee its one of those bruises that hurts when you just bend your knee.

And it turns out that my supervisor wasn't there. She hadn't mentioned to me that she would be gone, but maybe she's sick or something. (Along with failing to mention she might be gone, she also failed to mention why :-).

Supervisor Gone. This means that for all but the first hour of my shift I'm the only employee in the childrens book section to help customers find stuff. And shelve things. And oh, my were there things to shelve. There were 4 v-carts( filled with books (double stacked) waiting for me when I got to work. I shelved all the books on one of them and took the empty v-cart to the back room, to find that another big cart had just come up from recieving, nearly all of it childrens books. So I filled up my v-cart, and another as well, and decided the rest of the books would just have wait in the back room, so there.

So I'm shelving like a madwoman and helping ALL the customers in the childrens section (usually more than half would be handled by my supervisor, who usually stays at the desk and therefore they go find and ask her) when the Full Time lady who works in the Religious Book section comes with a customer.

"Where is the Eclipse book?"
I told her where they should be. Then the customer asked her, and then she asked me, which book was the second in the Twilight series. I had never realized until that moment that I didn't know. (I know Twilight is first and Breaking Dawn is last, but I don't know if Eclipse or New Moon comes first. Well, I didn't then. Now I know its Eclipse, then New Moon... I think. Actually, I've forgotten already. *facpalm*)

When I admitted that I did not know which book was the second in the series the Religious Book Full-Time lady gave me a YOU ARE A VERY BAD PERSON (Who Hired This Idiot?) Look. "You work in this section," she said, looking disgusted, complete with wrinkled nose and tightly-pressed lips. "You should know these things."

So then I felt like an idiot and a Bad Employee. And also very frustrated and defensive--I've never before been asked what order the books go in (all the squeeing fangirls seem to know it already), I've never been told its something I have to know, and anyway, I Hate Those Books. (My hatred of those books has only increased after working in a bookstore. Gah.)

A bit later a guy comes looking for a boxed set of the Twilight books. The computer says we should have six in the store, which is usually a safe number. (One is a Very Unsafe number. If the computer says we only have one copy of a book, that just means probablyhopefullymaybe we have it.)

So the computer says there are six in the store. I look on all the shelves where we keep the Twilight books... we have all the books individually, and special editions, and books on CD, but no boxed sets. I went to the General Book desk to ask the Full Time Worker there if she knew where they were. Her answer was very clipped and impatient, with a definite edge of "You should know these things yourself... who hired this idiot?" To it. Heading back to look again at the Twilight Shelves I ran into one of the general book student employees and asked her if she knew where they were. She, at least, was very helpful, and even kind of took over the customer for me so I could get back to shelving.

So I'm trying to shelve the Massive Piles of Unshelved Books crowding around the Childrens Book Information Desk, dealing with a headache and a painful knee, helping all customers doing their Christmas Shopping both in person and on the phone, feeling rather stressed when Religious Book Lady comes back with another customer. I was on the phone helping a customer, but she waited loomingly while I finished up the call.

"You have all the v-carts in the whole book department at your desk. You just can't do that, others need the carts too. You can bring one of the big shelving carts back here or something, but you have to make some v-carts avaliable for everyone else to use," she said, leaving almost before I answered her with a very timid "Okay."

I'd forgotten that most of the v-carts were upstairs on the textbook floor, being used for textbook sellback this week. But the other general book employees in the backroom had seemed totally fine with me using the v-carts.

Bring a big shelving cart back to the childrens desk? Was she blind? I wouldn't want to have to maneuver it all the way through the shelves to get it back there, and there would be absolutely no room to get through to the cook books with another shelving cart at the desk.
I chose the v-cart that seemed to have the least number of books and squished and balanced them as well as I could onto the (very small) shelving cart we keep by the childrens desk. I dashed around shelving and helping customers and got another cart empty and brought it to the backroom. The cart I had emptied before was still sitting there, and another one I hadn't been using was next to it. I had all the v-carts in the department and everyone else needed to use them? Liar. I am stressed enough with finals, thank you, it would be much nicer if I could not stress about work too.

Well, anyway... the rest of my shift continued in much the same vein. Then the girl who works in childrens book after I do was ten minutes late, as opposed to her usual five minutes early, which I was kind of counting on. Well...she was not a full ten minutes late, but since she immidiately got busy doing helpful things I didn't actually see her until ten minutes after my shift was supposed to end.

So, yeah. Bad Day At Work.

The Happiest of Birthdays

We just finished our roommate gift exchange.

My gift was obviously a book, simply by looking at the size of the package, but also by how it felt through the paper, etc. When I opened it, it was some random obscure book that didn't really look to be my kind of thing... but I started to make grateful noises anyway. Annilyn laughed and told me there was a note inside.

Anyway, long story short, I was sent on a treasure hunt all through the apartment, looking for letters. I colleced letters from the books/belongings of all of my roommates, including myself (There was one on the Firefly disks, one one one of our english books from last year, one in my copy of King of Attolia, one in my scriptures, one in my butter...)

Finally, I had all my letters. But then I had to unscramble them. I am absolutely NO GOOD at unscrambling. I was given the option of looking the word up in Russian instead of unscrambling it.

Russian has a messed up alphabet. Just sayin'.

The Happily Ever After:

My totally awesome and wonderful roommate whom I love got me The Winter Prince for Christmas/my birthday! It will be coming in the mail any day now.

Dude, I've got great roommates, tuition for an awesome college, lindy hopper shoes, and my new favorite book for Christmas/Birthday. I think I've got about all I need for a seriously awesome Christmas... if I recieve much more awesomeness, I just might explode.

*grins to self*

Oh, and more awesomness of the night: the roommate I was supposed to give to was Annie, but I could not think of anything to get her that was, like, good and special and unique. It was down to the wire, so I just... cut her a few snowflakes. I felt like it was kind of a lame way to get out of buying a gift, but she actually seemed really happy with them. Actually, I was really happy with them... I tried a new way of doing the classic angel-with-trumpet snowfake which I think is my best yet. I also tried doing a word and image on the same snowflake (Peace, with a dove) which turned out looking pretty nice as well.

And Annilyn got a special gift for all of us because she's leaving. Annilyn has this very strange... mutation (:-p) where onions simply don't effect her. She'll be happily cutting onions in the kitchen while we're all blind with tears. Anyway, she got us a special onion chopper machine. The note said something like, "for my roommates, so you don't cry too much when I'm gone." Ha ha, get it? I was amused.

And Annie gave me her awesome bird-as-a-wig-and-cat-as-a-scarf art piece for my birthday. And also the DVD of Dark Knight, which I took to be kind of mostly a gift for the whole apartment but I'm very glad to have recieved it for myself just the same :D.

And our home teachers brought a little flame torch thingy over and sang happy birthday and let me "blow" the torch out.

So it was a very birthday all around. :-D.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday dear Saraaaaaaaaaaahhh...
Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Very Angry Letter

Dear Illustration Department,

You guys are just Not Cool. No, I'm serious. You accept my portfolio but not Annilyns? Do you know how much awesomer Annilyns stuff is than mine? I mean, seriously. And she, like, actually Illustrates stuff, as opposed to my random paintings that aren't connected to stories in any way.

In short, you guys just don't know what you're doing and you DESERVE the HUGE loss you'll have by not letting Annilyn into your stupid program.

Thats all.


Word Art

This is what happens when you take words from my blog and arrange them randomly on a page.

Birthday Countdown: 1 day!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Reading day

I didn't get much reading done this reading day. The library is partially to blame--Annie and I are WAITING to read The Empty Kingdom and the library is Taking its Precious Time getting it out on the shelves. If I didn't love the library, I would hate it right now.

Library, I take it back! I really do love you! I just want the book! I need it!

So I got my birthday present from the bookstore--a pound of fudge. I decided to try the Flavor of the Month, Eggnog. A pound is alot. But I'm sharing it with everyone, so its ok :).

I'm really missing my crayons. I haven't used them for weeks! Some girl from one of the neighboring apartments came looking for some crayons to borrow(maybe she figured that someone in the Art Major apartment would have crayons) and has never brought them back. This makes me Very Sad. I love my crayons.

Birthday Countdown: 2 days!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Up Late

So I've been pretty good about going to bed early enough to get a decent amount of sleep this semester. I'm usually in bed around 12:30 and up at 7:30 or 8, so thats about 7-8 hours of sleep, which I think is pretty decent.

Well, last night was different. (Today being the very last day of classes for the semester might have had something to do with it. But it was mostly just randomness.)

Annie had an art project that she needed to have done this morning. It involved the same sort of weird creepy awesome style that is hers... (It looks like she mostly has photos on here, but there are also some weird creepy awesome drawings:

So anyway, Annie was doing this art project which had a bald lady with a bird draped over her head instead of a wig. She wanted to do another person with some other kind of animal draped over it--maybe a fox or something. She didn't really make alot of progress on the drawings. I was just doodling, drawing nothing in particular, so I decided to try my own version. So I did a quick doodle:


It was somewhere between one and two in the morning. I was kinda chuckling to myself after drawing it. But I didn't stop there. Tired and amused, I did another drawing:

I was chuckling to myself as I finished it. Annie looked over and... well, anyway, the drawings were a hit ;-). Since I'm not normally one to draw random weird things like these, all I can say is it was getting pretty close to two in the morning and I was looking at Annie's awesome weird drawings.

And, just by the way, I did get to bed at 2:30ish. And it only took me an hour or two to get to sleep. And I did go to class this morning and pay attention and take notes and stay awake.

The End.

Birthday Countdown: 3 days!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So last night, instead of studying like a good little responsible student (Hey, I don't have another test 'til next week! Thats ages away!) I started a painting.

At first I was just working on the paintings I've been working on for awhile now, but I got impatient with that pretty quickly. So I decided that, since these paintings weren't interesting enough, I'd just have to start one that WAS interesting.

These pictures were taken with my camera phone, so they aren't very great quality, but you still get the idea.

Oh, and by the way, these paintings are moms Christmas present. Surprise!\

The one I started last night turned out looking nice, but not a whole lot like the person in the reference photo, who happened to be Breanna.

In progress...


And then today I started one using a picture of Lynzee as a reference photo. I think its funny that the one of Breanna makes her look alot older and the one of Lynzee mkes her look alot younger... but since she's alot younger in the photo I guess thats not so surprising.


And here they are together. I worked more on the Breanna one since I took the other pictures and I think its almost done... if you look here you can see there is more definition to the curls, etc.


Birthday Countdown: 4 days!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas!

The blog is decorated for Christmas! Ok, so the colors don't match all that well... but I'm over that already. But there are Christmas songs too! Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing isn't exactly a Christmas song, but, well... close enough.

Birthday Countdown: 5 days!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I thought I had work today, because Maria worked last Saturday, and we had a cleaning check today... cleaning checks have always been on the days I work. But last Saturday was a fifth Saturday and so everything is thrown off. Meh.

I got this e-mail the other day:

Dear Students,

This is just to confirm that I have received your paper and it is in the process of being reviewed. We hope to have the reviews back and decisions made regarding presentation by January 15, 2009. Congratulations on completing your paper and good luck with finals!


I counted about 80 addresses that received this e-mail. Thats 79(ish) other papers that mine will be judged against. (Assuming that they didn't send more than one e-mail because they had so many to send it to or something like that.) I'm really nervous, even though I should just calm down and forget about it until January 15th... thats over a month away! And their papers are probably all better than mine, and alot of them are probably religions education or somesuch majors so this kind of thing is what they do and... yeah.

And here's a quick wish list for my birthday/Christmas. I don't want this to be taken wrong--this isn't The List Of Things I Must Get For Christmas Or I Will Be Angry With Life. This is just The List Of Things I Can Think Of That I Wouldn't Mind Receiving This Year. In fact, if I got all of them I wouldn't know what to do with them all. And some I really don't expect to get but I might as well throw them out there because it'd really be awesome to have them... anyway.

-Microsoft Word on the laptop I'm using (and other basic programs, like Power Point and such...) because it creates difficulties not to have them, and I have to still use the labs a whole lot so that I can put my assignments in the right format, etc., and open documents from blackboard, etc. While we're talking about it, the absolute ideal would be to get a Mac laptop with all the basic programs and the art ones and a touchpad and all that artistic stuff... but I'm thinking that isn't really likely.
-Some dancing shoes (with the non-grippy soles, you know...). Some saddle shoes would be totally awesome. I think thats what they're called, you know, those black and white ones...

I have some shoes I can dance in fine, but they fit when I bought them and have since stretched, so they're a bit loose which makes for some difficulties. I wear size 8 shoes.
-Books. Big surprise there. Um, maybe I'll make a list of the ones I'd like... later. (Elizabeth Wein's, for a start, and Garth Nix's Sabriel books, and maybe a copy of The Thief since mine seems permanently gone and even if it comes back two copies can't be a bad thing and, well..) A gift card works just as well here. :)
-Watercolor... stuff. And Oil paint stuff, while I'm on the subject. Brushes, paper, canvas, masonite, paints, palette knife... whatever. You could just go pick out a paint brush that looks nice and give it to me... Nana did that it it was my favorite brush for a long time... I really really like that brush. Except its getting kinda frayed... I've used it alot. Anyway.
-Ponytail holders/bobby pins. I didn't bring alot of them with me to school, but they'd really come in handy for getting my hair up and out of the way for dancing, which I've gotten in the habit of doing. I don't like having my hair flying around when I'm dancing, and I especially don't like whipping any guy who is nice enough to ask me to dance, which my hair has a habit of doing when I give it the chance.
-fun socks. :-)

Some more I've thought of:
Sketch books. They will definitely get used. The ones that are something like 5x7 size work best.
Sculpy/pens. Because I like making sculpy pens.
A skirt (or maybe more than one) to dance in--one thats fun to twirl in. Ok, so I have a few of these already, but that doesn't mean I couldn't find an occasion to use another :-)
Also! One of those boxes with 200 or however many crayons and a sharpner in the back... some girl came and borrowed my crayons and hasn't given them back. I need my crayons.
AND! An artist calendar would be cool, like with paintings by Monet or Degas or Van Gogh or Wolf Khan or Thiebaud or some cool artist like them. :) (Man Gogh might be the most appropriate, seeing that it will be put up in VanGoghvia, but I'm not picky.)

Well, thats what I can think of right now. I might come back and add some stuff later if anything comes to mind.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doorbell ditching hilarity

Oh my goodness, we're all in such a hyper giggly mood right now. And I have to write up the reason before we forget.

So yesterday, today, and tomorrow our ward is doing this Secret Santa thingy. Each day is themed on a different letter--J, O, then Y.

Anyway, Jocelyn got her Secret Santa gift all ready and delivered it to the apartment which was on the piece of paper telling her who/where her assigned person lived. It just so happened that the apartment was our next-door neighbors. After delivering it she looked in the ward directory to see who lived in that apartment. (Our directory is organized according to apartments.) She saw that the girl she'd been assigned didn't actaully live in that apartment. I looked through the directory and found that the girl that she had actually lives up on the third floor.

Well, that was a bit of a dilemma. How to get the present back to deliver it to the right person...

We debated just going up and knocking on the door, but that wouldn't be any fun. So Jocelyn wrote a note on a scrap of paper:

Hi! I just accidentally delivered my gift for _____ on your porch! Could you please put [it] on the porch for me to pick back up? Thanks! Have a great evening.

I forget who delivered that note, but they doorbell-ditched it and ran, keeping our door open for a quick and easy escape.

We waited a couple minutes. We peeked out and saw a note on their doormat. Someone (forgot who again) ran and picked it up.

It was the note that we'd left before, but with the backside up. On it they'd written: For a price.

We debated about how to answer that, what kind of things we could give them to 'pay' for it. Finally we decided on just another note, which I delivered:

I have a wife & 9 children, thats a total of 10 mouths to feed. I just can't afford to get a new gift, I'm desperate. Please give me my gift back?

We waited a few minutes, but nothing showed up on their doorstep. So we left another note, which I also delivered.

Cruel Women! Have you no hearts?

A couple minutes later we checked again. Both notes were on the doorstep. On the back of the first it said, Your plight has touched our hearts. Merry Christmas! and on the other it said, We delivered it for you.

So how were we supposed to answer that? Much laughter accompanied our debate. Eventually, what happened was this: Annie made a 'mask' out of a piece of purple paper she'd cut two eye holes in and taped to her glasses. She, Annilyn, and I put blankets over our heads (well, mine was a bright orange towel--great for stealth, those bright orange towels) so we wouldn't be recognised. Deidre, Jocelyn, and Brooke went up to the floor above so they could watch without being seen (or participating. Scaredy-cats). On our way out the door the first time, Annie and Annilyn were laughing so hard and were so nervous that they had to go to the bathroom before we could actually go.

I went first, then Annie, then Annilyn. Annie stood slightly in front, me and Annilyn stood on each side of her, like henchmen. I rang the bell. The door was thrown open by someone determined to catch the doorbell-ditchers, but the expression on her face quickly turned from triumph to fear/surprise/WUT?!?. A couple of her roomates and some guy who was visiting were watcing too. In a very weird, gravelly voice Annie said,"We wanted to thank you personally for delivering our gift. You will recieve blessings in heaven." Then we ran away around the corner and went in the sliding door so they wouldn't know we were their next-door neighbors.

Jocelyn, Deidre, and Brooke could see the whole thing from upstairs. They said that when we ran off one of the girls said, "What? Where are they going?" and they were laughing really hard. One of their other roomates walked up and they said, "Oh my gosh, you just missed it!"

So that was our evening of hilarity. Now back to homework. I don't want to think about finals...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sharkbait. Ooh ha ha.

Our apartment now has a fishtank, a fish table, and three fish.

One is a sort of mottled white/red/black. Specifically, it's got a reddish patch over its left eye. His name is Zuko.

One is a tiny red fish called a fireball. That one's called alterniately "Fireball" or "Agni Kai" (yes, another Avatar reference) depending on preference.

The last fish is whitish with a few odd red and grey patches. Its named Medraut, after the narrator of The Winter Prince.

Deidre has ordered an "Aang as the Waterspirit" action figure to decorate the tank, in addition to the plastic plants already in it.

I'd show you guys pictures of them all, but I no longer have a good camera.


Ok, you all will just have to make due with cameraphone pics.