Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doorbell ditching hilarity

Oh my goodness, we're all in such a hyper giggly mood right now. And I have to write up the reason before we forget.

So yesterday, today, and tomorrow our ward is doing this Secret Santa thingy. Each day is themed on a different letter--J, O, then Y.

Anyway, Jocelyn got her Secret Santa gift all ready and delivered it to the apartment which was on the piece of paper telling her who/where her assigned person lived. It just so happened that the apartment was our next-door neighbors. After delivering it she looked in the ward directory to see who lived in that apartment. (Our directory is organized according to apartments.) She saw that the girl she'd been assigned didn't actaully live in that apartment. I looked through the directory and found that the girl that she had actually lives up on the third floor.

Well, that was a bit of a dilemma. How to get the present back to deliver it to the right person...

We debated just going up and knocking on the door, but that wouldn't be any fun. So Jocelyn wrote a note on a scrap of paper:

Hi! I just accidentally delivered my gift for _____ on your porch! Could you please put [it] on the porch for me to pick back up? Thanks! Have a great evening.

I forget who delivered that note, but they doorbell-ditched it and ran, keeping our door open for a quick and easy escape.

We waited a couple minutes. We peeked out and saw a note on their doormat. Someone (forgot who again) ran and picked it up.

It was the note that we'd left before, but with the backside up. On it they'd written: For a price.

We debated about how to answer that, what kind of things we could give them to 'pay' for it. Finally we decided on just another note, which I delivered:

I have a wife & 9 children, thats a total of 10 mouths to feed. I just can't afford to get a new gift, I'm desperate. Please give me my gift back?

We waited a few minutes, but nothing showed up on their doorstep. So we left another note, which I also delivered.

Cruel Women! Have you no hearts?

A couple minutes later we checked again. Both notes were on the doorstep. On the back of the first it said, Your plight has touched our hearts. Merry Christmas! and on the other it said, We delivered it for you.

So how were we supposed to answer that? Much laughter accompanied our debate. Eventually, what happened was this: Annie made a 'mask' out of a piece of purple paper she'd cut two eye holes in and taped to her glasses. She, Annilyn, and I put blankets over our heads (well, mine was a bright orange towel--great for stealth, those bright orange towels) so we wouldn't be recognised. Deidre, Jocelyn, and Brooke went up to the floor above so they could watch without being seen (or participating. Scaredy-cats). On our way out the door the first time, Annie and Annilyn were laughing so hard and were so nervous that they had to go to the bathroom before we could actually go.

I went first, then Annie, then Annilyn. Annie stood slightly in front, me and Annilyn stood on each side of her, like henchmen. I rang the bell. The door was thrown open by someone determined to catch the doorbell-ditchers, but the expression on her face quickly turned from triumph to fear/surprise/WUT?!?. A couple of her roomates and some guy who was visiting were watcing too. In a very weird, gravelly voice Annie said,"We wanted to thank you personally for delivering our gift. You will recieve blessings in heaven." Then we ran away around the corner and went in the sliding door so they wouldn't know we were their next-door neighbors.

Jocelyn, Deidre, and Brooke could see the whole thing from upstairs. They said that when we ran off one of the girls said, "What? Where are they going?" and they were laughing really hard. One of their other roomates walked up and they said, "Oh my gosh, you just missed it!"

So that was our evening of hilarity. Now back to homework. I don't want to think about finals...


emily jean said...

In all honesty my dear sister I can't beat that! way funny

annilyns said...

I think your description would be ameliorated by saying that you and I were standing on Annie's flanks...Twighlight style.

Shanelle said...

Hilarious! That totally made my morning! :-D