Friday, December 19, 2008


I finished my last two finals today... the semester is officially over! Well, except I still have three more days of work (Tonight, Monday and Tuesday). But still! No more classes/studying until January! And, can I just say, I am really looking forward to next semester. (I've changed my schedule just a bit since I posted about it last time.) I'll still be taking the same number of classes (7) but it'll be less credits (This semester was 16.5, next semester will only be 14.5). I was actually signed up for an extra class for next semester so I'd have 16.5 credits, but I've done some thinking and thought better of it. This semester was a pretty stressful one (this week was a pretty stressful one... *headache*) and I'd like a bit of a break, which I think I'm gonna get, and not only because of the somewhat lighter credit load.

This semester I had alot of GE credits and 1 1/2 art classes. Thats it. (Oh, and a fun class. Which I plan to sit in on again next semester, only because it was like the awesomest class ever.) Next semester I have:
4 art classes (Basic typography, Intermediate Computer Applications for Illustrators, Illustration 1, and Intermediate Life Drawing)
1 Religion class: the Doctrine and Covenants
2 Fun classes: Beginning Social Dance, and, uh, Public speaking. Yes, I just put this under the heading "fun class". I keep telling myself that thats what it's going to be. And, IF (*crosses fingers*) my paper gets accepted for the religion symposium, I'd kinda like to be able to speak about it... well. And intelligently. And anyway, public speaking is, I think, a good skill to have, and is an area where I think I'm somewhat lacking. (And while we're talking about fun classes, I moved my classes around so I can sit in on the first hour and a half of Writing For Children. Because I want to.)

Oh, and I'm not saying that art classes are easier than others, because they're not. (Often, they're harder.) But I DO think that I'll enjoy them much more, which is what counts. Because if you're enjoying it, who cares if its hard, right?

But back to finals and this semester, it was kind of interesting to compare the two finals I took today. Both were for religion classes--LDS History (1805 ish to 1844 ish) and the other was New Testament (The Gospels). I really liked both of these classes alot. The teachers were nice, interesting, and enthusiastic. I think maybe my LDS History Lectures were more interesting, but some people might think otherwise from looking at my notes. (There are, uh, alot of doodles in that section of my notebook.) His lectures were interesting, but it was really, really, really hard to pick out the 'important' (AKA This Stuff Will Be On The Test Study It) stuff. There were really good lectures in New Testament, and they lent themselves much more easily to note taking, and there were even a few times when the teacher said, "Hey, pay attention, This Will Be On The Test." (Well, not those exact words, but same difference.) (My New Testament notes had fewer doodles than my LDS History ones had, but it actually kind of became a joke between me and my teacher. When I went in to take my test today he handed me the paper and said, "Ok, I want a whole lot of drawings all over this. Can you do that for me?")

So taking the tests today. On the LDS History test there were three different categories of questions. 1) Oh, I know this answer, I studied it. 2) Um, I think I remember him mentioning this in class once. 3) Who the what now? Where did THAT come from? I swear I've never heard of these people in my life.

I will admit, I did kind of badly on that test. Or maybe very badly. I didn't fail, though. We're looking on the bright side.

New Testament test, two kinds of questions. 1)I just barely looked over this in my notes! I totally know the answer! 2) Oh, I remember when we talked about this in class. I'm not sure, but I think the answer is _.
That test won't be graded for awhile, but I feel much better about it than I did about my LDS History test.

Both teachers were great, but if I had to choose to take a class from one of the two professors again, it would definitely be from my NT teacher.

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