Thursday, December 18, 2008


4 down,

2 to go.

I think I have a cold. Fortunately its not a bad one, mostly I just have to use alot of Kleenex. I hear that this sort of thing is not uncommon--your body holds up against the stress, etc., as long as it can, and then when finals are almost over your body gives into the strain. My high school English teacher said this happened to her like clockwork. This makes me feel better for some reason.

Of course, it might also have something to do with all that cold white stuff outside. And the fact that I'm running low on herbs/healthy foodstuffs.


Jocelyn said...

Sarah I hope you get better quickly! Good luck on the rest of your finals!

emily jean said...

We are practically dieing with excitment about our trip...we are leaving a week from now!! just imagine reading a book while looking out to the ocean and eanjoying the warm weather and o boy Caleb doen't even know what he is in for! This is so exciting!!!