Saturday, December 6, 2008


I thought I had work today, because Maria worked last Saturday, and we had a cleaning check today... cleaning checks have always been on the days I work. But last Saturday was a fifth Saturday and so everything is thrown off. Meh.

I got this e-mail the other day:

Dear Students,

This is just to confirm that I have received your paper and it is in the process of being reviewed. We hope to have the reviews back and decisions made regarding presentation by January 15, 2009. Congratulations on completing your paper and good luck with finals!


I counted about 80 addresses that received this e-mail. Thats 79(ish) other papers that mine will be judged against. (Assuming that they didn't send more than one e-mail because they had so many to send it to or something like that.) I'm really nervous, even though I should just calm down and forget about it until January 15th... thats over a month away! And their papers are probably all better than mine, and alot of them are probably religions education or somesuch majors so this kind of thing is what they do and... yeah.

And here's a quick wish list for my birthday/Christmas. I don't want this to be taken wrong--this isn't The List Of Things I Must Get For Christmas Or I Will Be Angry With Life. This is just The List Of Things I Can Think Of That I Wouldn't Mind Receiving This Year. In fact, if I got all of them I wouldn't know what to do with them all. And some I really don't expect to get but I might as well throw them out there because it'd really be awesome to have them... anyway.

-Microsoft Word on the laptop I'm using (and other basic programs, like Power Point and such...) because it creates difficulties not to have them, and I have to still use the labs a whole lot so that I can put my assignments in the right format, etc., and open documents from blackboard, etc. While we're talking about it, the absolute ideal would be to get a Mac laptop with all the basic programs and the art ones and a touchpad and all that artistic stuff... but I'm thinking that isn't really likely.
-Some dancing shoes (with the non-grippy soles, you know...). Some saddle shoes would be totally awesome. I think thats what they're called, you know, those black and white ones...

I have some shoes I can dance in fine, but they fit when I bought them and have since stretched, so they're a bit loose which makes for some difficulties. I wear size 8 shoes.
-Books. Big surprise there. Um, maybe I'll make a list of the ones I'd like... later. (Elizabeth Wein's, for a start, and Garth Nix's Sabriel books, and maybe a copy of The Thief since mine seems permanently gone and even if it comes back two copies can't be a bad thing and, well..) A gift card works just as well here. :)
-Watercolor... stuff. And Oil paint stuff, while I'm on the subject. Brushes, paper, canvas, masonite, paints, palette knife... whatever. You could just go pick out a paint brush that looks nice and give it to me... Nana did that it it was my favorite brush for a long time... I really really like that brush. Except its getting kinda frayed... I've used it alot. Anyway.
-Ponytail holders/bobby pins. I didn't bring alot of them with me to school, but they'd really come in handy for getting my hair up and out of the way for dancing, which I've gotten in the habit of doing. I don't like having my hair flying around when I'm dancing, and I especially don't like whipping any guy who is nice enough to ask me to dance, which my hair has a habit of doing when I give it the chance.
-fun socks. :-)

Some more I've thought of:
Sketch books. They will definitely get used. The ones that are something like 5x7 size work best.
Sculpy/pens. Because I like making sculpy pens.
A skirt (or maybe more than one) to dance in--one thats fun to twirl in. Ok, so I have a few of these already, but that doesn't mean I couldn't find an occasion to use another :-)
Also! One of those boxes with 200 or however many crayons and a sharpner in the back... some girl came and borrowed my crayons and hasn't given them back. I need my crayons.
AND! An artist calendar would be cool, like with paintings by Monet or Degas or Van Gogh or Wolf Khan or Thiebaud or some cool artist like them. :) (Man Gogh might be the most appropriate, seeing that it will be put up in VanGoghvia, but I'm not picky.)

Well, thats what I can think of right now. I might come back and add some stuff later if anything comes to mind.


emily jean said...

Those are two-tone or lindy-hoppers and if you really wanted them you might include your size...

Sherri said...

What a girl you are. I think your paper was a true mark of a spectacularly intelligent undergraduate. You are my pride and joy. Good list.