Monday, December 1, 2008

Sharkbait. Ooh ha ha.

Our apartment now has a fishtank, a fish table, and three fish.

One is a sort of mottled white/red/black. Specifically, it's got a reddish patch over its left eye. His name is Zuko.

One is a tiny red fish called a fireball. That one's called alterniately "Fireball" or "Agni Kai" (yes, another Avatar reference) depending on preference.

The last fish is whitish with a few odd red and grey patches. Its named Medraut, after the narrator of The Winter Prince.

Deidre has ordered an "Aang as the Waterspirit" action figure to decorate the tank, in addition to the plastic plants already in it.

I'd show you guys pictures of them all, but I no longer have a good camera.


Ok, you all will just have to make due with cameraphone pics.






Jocelyn said...

Yes! Yes! I love our beautiful fish. I hope they don't eat each other.

Deedles said...

I love our fish!!! I can't wait to add the water spirit to the tank as well!

Annie said...

Um, I just have to say that your photo of Firelord Zuko is a thing of beauty. He looks so nonplussed and angsty! I also just have to say that the little fireball fish is NOT, under any circumstances, "Fireball". The only acceptable names are "Agni Kai" and "THE Fireball". Just think of The Duke, and how he feels when people forget the "The". Just a friendly reminder. Next time you will have to be punished...AGNI KAI!!!

emily jean said...

Sarah you crack me up!!! What would you like for christmas? (I have your name) I could get you some wonderful gift, or I could give you cash to spend in Mazatlan? Which shall it be?

Lynzee said...

I'm so glad you're having such a fun BYU life. Live it up! This is the time to have a ball. I'm having fun just thinking about you having fun. How wonderful to have great roomates!