Friday, January 9, 2009

Last Year's Books, This Year's School

For a report on Mexico, see Emily's blog. I don't have access to pictures and why re-do something thats already been done well?

The first week of the semester is over! Hooray! Its Friday, so its still a school day I guess, but I have no classes Friday, so hoorah! (I still have work though. But thats fine.)

Before I actually get into how my week went, I'm going to do a somewhat belated "The Books I Read Last Year" post.
Except I'm really disorganised. Last year, when I saw everyone else's book posts, I was like, how totally awesome, I am so doing that this year!

So I started keeping track of what I read. I only wrote down titles, and I'm too lazy to look up the authors I don't remember, so look them up yourself if you're curious. Asterisks indicate favorites. If It's a re-read, I say how many times I'd read it. If its in Parenthesis, I didn't finish it.

Fly By Night
Rachel & Leah
The Invention of Hugo Cabret

To Say Nothing of the Dog*
Dragonhaven (2nd)*
Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow
The Hollow Kingdom

Beauty (3rd or 4th)
Mira, Mirror
The Princess and the Hound
Dealing with Dragons
Searching for Dragons

(Calling on Dragons)

This is when I lost the list and stopped keeping track. I'm very disorganized, as I said. On our summer road trip I remember reading:

Howl's Moving Castle* (3rd and 4th)
Sorcery and Cecelia
The Eagle of the Ninth
Mr. Midshimpan Hornblower

And a few others, the titles aren't coming to mind.

Then in August I said, this disorganized thing is really dumb and I'm going to overcome it... at least in this area. So I bought a Really Pretty little book I could keep in my purse to write down the books and also a short review. Since then, I've kept track pretty faithfully. I think I missed a couple books, but this is a fairly complete list.

House of Many Ways
The True Meaning of Smekday
Cart and Cwidder
The Pinhoe Egg*
Chalice ARC*
Drowned Ammet

(The Queen's Own Fool)
(The Secret Life of Bees)
A Swiftly Tilting Planet* (2nd)
The Spellcoats
The Crown of Dalemark

(Nation ARC)
Seven Daughters and Seven Sons
Among the Hidden
Emmaline and the Bunny ARC

Dragonhaven (3rd)
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn ARC*
The Winter Prince*
A Coalition of Lions*
The Sunbird*

The Lion Hunter
Things Not Seen
The Merlin Conspiracy
Wings ARC
The Winter Prince* (2nd)

The First book of this year: The Empty Kingdom*

Thats 47 books. So, with the time I wasn't recording and the books I may have forgotten to put down, I'd that I read 50-60+ books last year.

So, this week.

I thought this semester would be less busy than last semester. Last semester I had 16.5 credits, this semester only 14.5. Not that big a difference, but still.

Well, I'm going to be just as busy this semester. Busier, in fact. For several reasons. Firstly, because I actually arranged my classes so that I can do extra activites I couldn't do last semester because classes were in the way--namely, swing dance lessons and social dance club. And if I decide I want to be even busier, I'm going to try out for one of the swing dance teams, and there goes my life. Why yes, I am insane, thanks for asking.

Another reason this semester is going to busier is that I really like ALL of my classes. I have 4 art classes, 1 religion class, and 2 fun classes. This equals homework I actually want to do and won't be convinced by my Awesome Roommates Whom I Love Too Much to do poorly/ignore in favor of having Much More Fun with them.

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The Jones Family said...

Oooh, this list has given me LOTS of good ideas! I'll be writing a few of your favorites down and taking my list to the library...thanks for the tips!