Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swing, Monkey Koala, Swing!

My calves hurt from dancing. Ow.

Annilyn! I found someone to wear your totally awesome Stained Glass Russian Monkey Vest! Thanks for sending him all the way from Australia. I miss you, but in his new outfit, this little guy brings me joy. But don't stay away too long, ok?


I just got back from trying out for the Swing Dance team here. I felt pretty good about my tryout. If I do make it I'll be thrilled but it'll take alot of time, so its kind of a toss up--I'd love to make it and be on the team, but if I don't I'll have more time for other activities. Less athletic/social ones, certainly (painting or reading, probably) but other worthwhile activities nonetheless.

Wish me luck!


annilyns said...

C'est si mingionne! И очен сумпатичный! I can't believe you kept that глупая vest. But I'm glad it makes you happy. I hope everyone got their postcards.

emily jean said...

as requested, Good Luck!!

Sherri said...

When do you find out if you made it? even if you don't make the team you can still go dance for fun in your cool new dancing shoes.