Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mix and match

Yesterday was the first time I got really excited about clothes in a long time.

Mom and I went shopping yesterday afternoon, and now I have almost all the clothes I'll need for my mission. The shopping itself wasn't all that fun, but afterward when I had all my clothes laid out on my bed and I started putting together different combinations of shirts and skirts (and shoes--should I wear brown, brown, or brown?) Maybe once we have everything together (We're thinking maybe one more skirt, a pair of shoes, and a couple more skarfs--scarves? whatever) we could do, like, a photo shoot with all the different skirt/shirt/scarf/shoes combinations.

I've also been getting interested in (simple!) jewelry, for completing these outfits. I've been looking at etsy for some nice clip-on earrings, so I'll have a few of THOSE to choose from as well. (Clip-ons because I'm really not interested in poking holes in myself, and I don't care that everyone else is doing it.)


kwistin said...

Photo shoot! I vote photo shoot!

And I really miss your face. Jus' sayin.

Deedles said...

Yay for people without holes in their ears...aka me ;D

Jocelyn said...

Sarah Freaking Bowthorpe what the heck!!!! Listen I've tried a million different ways the get a hold of you, so right NOW, as soon as you read this, I need you to charge your phone and call me! Call me! If you don't contact me at some point today, I might just send my brother over to your house to kidnap you and drag you away so that you can play with all of us! So call me now. End of communication.

Annie said...

Sarah I enjoy this excellent post. I agree that even if shopping ain't one's thing, we visual folks can always get a kick out of the mix/match/experiement/rearrange aspect of attiring ourselves, can't we? But I especially love the part about scouring the glorious ETSY for the clip-on earrings. So classy. Such good taste. We are friends.

Cause, you know, we weren't really friends before...that.


Ok bye!

Sherri said...

Sarah the visual, non-shopping fan, totally awesome girl. All that hand-wash-cold will keep the colors bright, too.