Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Signing up for classes... so time consuming, and frustrating, and... headache inducing. And I haven't even done it yet--I've just been looking at classes, so that when I'm allowed to sign up for them tomorrow night I can just go straight to the ones I want and sign up for them, without wasting time looking at all the classes.

(I had music playing the whole time and I sang along the whole time and now I'm hoarse. Which is just another sign that this is taking much too long.)

Trying to get the classes to fit in a reasonable schedule is HARD. I have my work schedule to work around, which creates a difficulty that my roommates (etc.) don't have, so that complicates it significantly. (And I LIKE my job, I don't want to try and get a new one. My last job was a bit easier to work around, and not a bad one, but still.)

Ideally, I'd want about the same workload as I have this semester, which I think is reasonable-- 16.5 credits, plus work. Enough to keep me busy, but with some free time now and then for painting and reading and hanging out with roommates and dancing Saturday nights and such. (Well, technically I don't quite have time for all those things, when you take into consideration the Homework I Don't Do Because I Can Easily Get Away With Not Doing It.) This semester has been pretty much awesome, while I'm on the subject. (I've been meaning to do a My Life Is Seriously Awesome Right Now post, but I've never gotten around to it. This can be it I guess.) My roommates are awesome, my classes are (mostly) awesome (or, in the cases of Art History and Physical Science, they're not all that bad) my job is awesome, my ward is awesome, my apartment it awesome, and... well, yeah. You get the point.

But signing up for classes? (Back to the original subject...) So not awesome. I've made a list of classes I'm going to try to get (I think it's pretty likely I'll get into most/all of them) and they add up to only 14.5-15.5 credits. All the other classes either conflict with the classes I need/want to take more, my work schedule, are already full, or I just don't want to take them. And I can't find the World of Childrens Book Publishing that my Writing for Children teacher is doing next semester, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places? And that'd fit my schedule (but overlap the free swing lessons Tuesday nights. Again. Tuesday nights just really fill up. Tuesdays are my busiest days this semester. In case you were wondering.)

One good thing is, with the classes I currently have listed to sign up for, I won't have anything I have to do Fridays but work. I'm all over the longer/earlier weekend thing.

Anyway. I'm not really sure who cares about all this, but I felt the need to vent.

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emily jean said...

The long weekend thing, let me tell you it is great! I only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday so my weekend is amazingly longish and i love it