Friday, November 7, 2008

Classes again

I signed up for classes last night. I got into all of the classes I'd planned out the other day, which is good. I do wish there were other classes I could take, but its just not going to work. I have the same number of classes as this semester, but only 14.5 credits instead of 16.5. I want more credits, as much to move up my priority registration as anything, though I guess as a junior I shouldn't really have any problems getting into the classes I need/want. I just did some poking around and added Pearl of Great Price to my schedule, which brings me up to 16.5 credits. Hoo-rah.

I guess I might as well say when/what my classes are. Because I can.

My schedule:
Mondays-- Illustration 1, D&C, break, work, beginning Social Dance
Tuesdays-- Intermediate Life Drawing, break, PGP, work, Basic Typography
Wednesdays-- Illustration 1, D&C, break, work, public speaking
Thurdsdays-- Intermediate Life Drawing, break, PGP, work, Intermediate Computer Applications
Fridays--just work. Long weekend :)


Sherri said...

Pretty good schedule... I like the long weekend part too...what is the crossing out of your text?

Sarah said...

The text is crossed out because that is what I said originally, but there ended up being a change.