Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So how about that election? Yeah, thats what I thought. Well, happy next for years to you all, in any case.

Next, though maybe I should have mentioned it first, MWT's next book IS an Attolia book (Yay!) and it's scheduled to come out in 2010. I can wait til then, right? The first Avatar movie is scheduled to come out in 2010 too (I think). Yay for 2010.

Worked a bit on paintings today.

Still playing around with the background on this one, but its otherwise pretty close to finished.

Paintings 003

I really like the sleeve on the left side. Big, thick brushstrokes... doesn't quite match the rest of the painting, but I'm not gonna change int because I like it, and you're not supposed to focus on it anyway. Except I guess you are now because I pointed it out. Sorry. ;-)

Oh, and the other painting.
This is how it looked the other day...
Paintings 001

Paintings 002

...and now this is how it looks
Paintings 004

Paintings 005

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