Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the Parable of the Feast

Today I experienced the consequences of not doing my reading for New Testament class.

Mind you, this isn't a habit. There have only been three or four times I've missed my reading this semsester, I'm usually very good about getting it done.

The reading for today was several parables, most of them less familiar ones. Our class is divided into groups, and today our teacher gave each group a parable and we were assigned to act it out for the class. My group was assigned Luke 14: 16-24 ( the parable of the Great Feast.

The Parable of th Great feast? Those in my group who had their scriptures opened to the right page and started claiming parts.

"I'll be the master."

"I want to be the guy with the oxen."

"We can be the poor people."

"I'll be the land guy."

"You're engaged, so you can be the guy with the wife."

Then they turned to me.

"How about you be the servant?"
"The servant? What does the servant do?"
"Um, here. Just... read it."

In the scrupture not all of the dialogue is written out, but when the parable is acted out, it turns out that the servant has more than half of the lines in the thing. Uh-huh.

I'm going to do better with my reading from now on.

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