Thursday, November 13, 2008

Moon, Paintings

So this evening I went to a lecture thingy on the Japanese Wood Block Print show thats in the MOA right now. And it was seriously incredibly cool.

It ended a little after 8 and I was hurrying home so I could do my homework like a good little BYU-Co-Ed (as dad would say). Then I happened to look up at the moon and it looked SO COOL. It was AWESOME. I stood gaping like an idiot for a few seconds, then made a mad dash for home to get the camera, which I cleverly hadn't brought with me today. I burst into the apartment, all out of breath, and rushed toward my room.

"Where are you going?" said Jocelyn, who I brushed past without a greeting.

I dashed back out of the apartment with the camera and ("Where are you going?" asked Jocelyn, but the door was already shut before I could answer.) The camera wouldn't focus on the moon and clouds. It absolutely refused. Very, very sad news.

moon 002
In this picture, the camera ALMOST caught the awesome RAINBOW aroud the moon. Almost. SO I almost forgive it for being a failure. ALMOST. You get a HINT of the colors that were there, but NO detail of the awesome fluffy clouds. *pout*

Then I had a (not so) brilliant idea. I'd just have to paint it while its awesomeness was still clear in my mind!

Yeah, well, it didn't work out so well.

It actually started out ok. But... well, then it ended up looking strange and ugly. *sigh* I might... might... be able to save it. If not, its still a perfectly good piece of masonite. But since I really didn't use much turp/liquin at all, it'll take FOREVER to dry. Blah. I guess I could like mix in turp and liquin with the paint thats on the board..... hmm.

The painting starts out ok...
moon 007

Still looking ok...
moon 010

moon 013
...PbBbbffFfffdtfdtt. That is the sound of all of the good momentum this painting had going for it blowing out and away and.... gone.

But fixing this painting is a project for another day. Another month. Or maybe year. Yeah, thats about right, because November and December are looking kinda crazy so far, but what else is new...

Oh, and I got both hands covered in blue paint. Isn't THIS fun. I really don't want to have to do the gloves thing...
moon 016

Then I worked on my angel-with-trumpet painting. I think its VERY close to finished. I finally have a background that I LIKE (more or less). From my HEAD. This was/is kind of encouraging, having just completely botched a painting done completely from my head, at least I was able to make up a background from my head that I liked. Like. Mostly. Lets see how I feel about it a week from now.

And the camera really liked throwing a glare where the background is. Because it was wet because I'd just been working on it, yeah, but still.

angel 001

It's SUPPOSED to look all foggy/misty and the sun just barely rising over the hill in the background. But there is a nice glare there, and I was/am too lazy to play with the light and placement and camera settings and stuff to get you a good picture. So you'll just have to wait. Or come see me, I mean it, in person. :D

I tried to get a picture of the texture of the painting, which I really like. Camera and I had an argument about focusing, so this is as good as you get. Of course, canvas is like this except awesomer.

moon 019

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