Wednesday, November 5, 2008


While I'm here and on the computer (I'm posting plenty today, aren't I?) I decided to label all my blog posts, because I could. It was fun. The most used label is 'life', being used 19 times. I guess I write about my life alot.

life (19)
art (11)
pictures (10)
awesomeness (10)
randomness (10)
college (8)
books (6)
painting (6)
pros and cons (5)
school (5)
classes (4)
job (4)
roommates (4)
seasons (4)
work (3)
cuteness (2)
avatar (2)
snow (1)
snowflakes (1)

1 comment:

Annie said...

Haha, who'd have thought that your blog about your life would involve writing about your life so much?? Sounds a little self-obsessed to me. Geez, Sarah.