Monday, November 17, 2008


Its official. Annilyn is leaving me to some unknown fate with some unknown (well, not known yet) roommate so she can go to Russia (and New Zealand) next semester.

This is not fair.

Jocelyn and I got back from visiting teaching and I was going to go straight in to finish the paper thats due tomorrow morning. (I have one page written. Its supposed to be five pages long.) But just as we were arriving at our apartment door, Annilyn came out. She was wearing her coat and had her purse and seemed a bit hurried.

"Where are you going?" Jocelyn asked.

"I'm going to Moscow next semester! I'm going to Thai Ruby to celebrate. Deidre and Annie are already there."

So instead of going in to co homework, Jocelyn and I joined them at Thai Ruby (which is like our official roommate celebration restaurant, just by the way.) I didn't get a full meal, but I got some absolutely delicious mango dessert (SO GOOD) and we talked and, well, celebrated.

On the way back Jocelyn and Deidre were talking about how they had looked into going to China next year, after Annilyn told them about going to Russia. It costs less than room/tuition here does, and its a full year away... maybe me, Jocelyn and Deidre could all go to China in 2010. Its not like I have many years in this stage of my life to do this sort of thing...

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Jocelyn said...

Yes!!!! Come to China with me and deidre in 2010! It would be SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!