Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ok, first news: The first chapters of MWT's next book has been recieved by the publishers.
It does not say, however, whether or not this will be an Attolia-realted book or not. It will be absolutely marvelous whether it is or isn't, but I'd really like to know what happened to Sophos and... well, yeah. Lets just hope its an Attolia book.

That said, today was, as you know, Halloween. I woke up, went to physical science, did a bit of homework, ate lunch, and then got out the costume I'd be wearing to the bookstore. And I was absolutely brilliant and only left myself about an hour to get it all ready and get there, including pinning it because it's Annilyn's and therefore like seven inches too long for me. So I was rushing out the door so I didn't get a picture. I wore it all during work and it was wonderful and when I got home all my roommates were getting their costumes ready, so I took it off so Annilyn could wear it so I... didn't get a picture of it. Well, not another picture. Its the red Renaissance dress I'm wearing in all those paintings, so its not as if you don't know what I look like in it.

I hadn't really decided what I'd wear to the ward party. I thought I might be Chicken Cordon Bleu... er, Chicken Chord On Blue, that is. But Jocelyn reminded me of my awesome colorful skirt, which I really wanted to wear. So I put it on, and was trying to think of some kind of costume it would work for.

I wore the colorful skirt, with green leggins, green capris, long sky blue flowered socks with a short fluffy blue sock and a long fluffy purple sock over. A striped green and pink shirt, a bright orange sweat shirt, four multi-colored bracelets on each wrist, three colorful necklaces, a green and blue scarf, a pink and blue and brown and green winter hat, and a blue coat over all (the coat only for outside, though). Then I painted my face, with Annilyn's help.

I was a rainbow.

I tried to take my own picture of myself. It didn't work so well.


Me as a rainbow, with our rainbow wall:


All of us (except Annie, who we love even though she left us):

Mom, go get Lynzee and everybody because, yes, she is dressed up as Zuko as the Blue Spirit. Have I mentioned that Zuko is made of awesome? Because he is. (They call the show Avatar to make you THINK its about Aang, but what it REALLY is about is Zuko and how awesome he is.)



emily jean said...

totally amazing rainbow!!! love it! we had a great halloween too, now if I could just convince Devin to let me do Christmas, but that isn't likely is it?

Sherri said...

What a fun idea. That is one thing I've never seen on Halloween. brilliant girl. No candy? Fun anyway? good!!

Annie said...

Aww, you guys love me :D

Plus your costumes ALL rocked very very majorly hardcore.