Sunday, October 19, 2008

Guess what.

I have a computer.

Not new. Not fancy. Not fast. But mine to have and use nonetheless.

Somebody messed with the settings so everything is all in German (All these sites ask for my 'Passwort'.) But I'll figure out how to put it in English... somehow.

Now... Pictures!

I went home this weekend and did... stuff. I showed my younger siblings Avatar... Oops.

Sarahs Pictures 276

And I made a crepe cake. Don't know what a crepe cake is? Does 'leaning tower of crepes' mean anything to you?

Sarahs Pictures 279

...yeah, pretty sure I didn't thicken the cream stuff enough, so it was all slide-y. Tasted good though.

Sarahs Pictures 288

Took alot of pictures in the backyard for my photo class. Dunno if any of them will work for the assignment (hopefully they will...) but there are some pretty ones.

Sarahs Pictures 260

Played a bit with depth of field on this one.
Sarahs Pictures 243


emily jean said...

Now Devin is going to want to watch that one too...and I think that that one with the rose is way cool, before I scrolled down I couldn't see the dead rose and I liked it even better...I don't know if you can cut part of the pic out for your class however.

Jocelyn said...

how crow those pictures are really pretty and interesting! :)

Annie said...

I really like your photo of the purple flowers...are they Cosmos? Anyway I love the colors!