Thursday, October 16, 2008


I just realized at work today that I completely forgot to go to my photo class TWICE this week. I was able to forget so easily because my work schedule is supposed to be 1-4:30 M-F, but they've been letting me go to this photo class from 1-3 Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since the class and work start at the same time, my daily schedule was not much altered by accidentally just going to work instead, which is why I was able to do it twice before realizing what had happened.

What makes this even worse is that its a block class lasting only half of the semester. The last day of the class will be... next Tuesday.

I e-mailed my teacher as soon as I could to explain what happened and I asked to meet with him before turning in the final project. Hopefully he'll get back to me so I can meet with him tomorrow so I can do well on my project, which will have to be done this weekend.

The one good thing about this is, I made about thirty dollars more this week than I would have if I'd gone to class. Even so, I really should have been in class.

That said... Paintings:
Pictures 014

Pictures 011

Pictures 012

Compare to:

This last one is probably my least favorite, but I had a realization the other day that I think will make it much better. We'll see.

Pictures 018


Jocelyn said...

So so pretty! I actually really like the last one. When you picture angels you usually imagine them blowing trumpets and flying around gloriously; I think the last one has this kind of pensive sensitivity that is really interesting.

Sherri said...

FORGOT to go to class!?!? Well I should say!! 30 dollars more?!?! Oh, GAG! I guess you are brilliant and will do well in the class even missing like that...but it gives some insight. I'm glad that bookstore job is really great.