Sunday, October 26, 2008


I finished one painting and promptly started another! Can't have too few paintings in progress, now can we? Especially since you can't always count on their cooperation and they end up becoming nice under-colors for a better future painting.

The finished painting:
pictures1 005
and a bit closer, because I can:
pictures1 007

Did I show this painting earlier? I dont know if I did, because I didn't like it. I still don't, for that matter. Well, here it is in any case:
pictures1 001
pictures1 002
pictures1 011

I keep changing alot because I don't like it. I'll find something that works eventually... I hope.

Didn't do a whole lot to this one:
pictures1 014

And I changed the background color to green on this one. I think its going to stay green, but I'm going to glaze it witha blue-grey to push it back and make it look like a sort of patchwork landscape, like the angel is flying over it.
pictures1 013

And this is the one I just started. This is a very rough underpainting, mind.
pictures1 009

pictures1 010

And can I just say that canvas is Made Of Awesome? These last several paintings have all been on board, and I'd forgotten how wonderful canvas is.

Oh, and this is the reference photo for the last one. Yeah, the proportions in my painting are a little off. And this is me, not caring.


Sherri said...

Cool. I will make sure you never run out of canvas!!! I like the first of the three... and I even like the rough underpainting....I want you to post the reference pictures for the angel paintings of you so Lynz and Bre can see them. I have another cool midevil style dress for you to pose in too.

aly said...

Hey Sarah-
Happy schooling to you. Loved your pictures and mostly how much you are loving life full of painting, reading, working and then of work.
Happy Tuesday.

Jocelyn said...

Beautiful! Sarah you are so insanely pretty!!!!!

emily jean said...

Nice socks

Annie said...

Yes, nice socks.
Also, I second Jocelyn in the statement that you're very super pretty! (Well she said insanely, and I said very super, but you know.)
Also also, I Love Your Art.

And where was the ref photo for the tree-sitting one taken? It's a beautiful tree and all the ferny stuff is nice. Was this is Virgina perchaps? The underpainting for that one is very elegant and lovely.

Yep, I just typed perchaps intentionally. It's funner to say. ...Although I guess I didn't say it, because I'm not actually talking out loud right now...that's weird.

And now I make and end to my epistle--er, long-winded ramblings.