Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Religion Symposium--its coming up!

So here is the official schedule for the BYU Student Religion Symposium:

It's coming right up! Only two more days. I feel that I'm at least moderately well prepared. It doesn't help that this coincides with the finishing up of midterms--though thankfully I don't have so many of those, with all my art classes and such.

A couple friends and acquaintances have come up and told me they saw my name on the program even though I hadn't told them I would be speaking and told me that they'll come. I've also asked/invited several other friends/acquaintances. (Co-workers, visiting teachers, my Writing for Children teacher...) I hope that I can give them something worthwhile to listen to that morning, and not have them wondering what they woke up early on a Friday morning for.

And, well... thats about all I was going to say.

Have I mentioned that I'm nervous? Because I am.


Sherri said...

It will be great.

Sherri said...

I'll video it!!!

annilyns said...

Oh Sarah, I wish I could be there! It sounds so awesome. You must send me the paper so at least I can read it and pretend I am there. Best of luck. I'm sure you will do a great job.

emily jean said...

I want to read the paper too! and i am glad mom is videoing it, because I am sad that i can't be there to support you. You'll do great! love you!