Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Books. Lots of Books.

Whoever guesses what book the subject line is a quote from is special!

Unfortunately, I don't think anyone who reads my blog has read that book.

Anyway, so I decided to do that book thing that everyone else (well, a couple other people) is doing--down below all the other random stuff
(<--) over there I'm putting up a list of all the books I've read this year. Which might get rather long.

Currently the list is as follows:

Books I've read this year (reverse order)

* Currently being read to me by Jocelyn: The Perilous Guard, Elizabeth Marie Pope
* Currently reading (to Deidre and Annie): Howl's Moving Castle
* Currently reading: Taran Wanderer, Lloyd Alexander
* The Castle of Llyr, Lloyd Alexander
* The Black Cauldron, Lloyd Alexander
* The Book of Three, Lloyd Alexander
* Peony in Love, Lisa See
* Neverwhere, Niel Gaiman
* The Demon's Lexicon, Sarah Rees Brennan
* The Graveyard Book, Niel Gaiman (read to me by Annie)
* The King of Attolia, Megan Whalen Turner (to Deidre)
* The Mysterious Benedict Society, Trenton Lee Stewart (unfinished)
* The Empty Kingdom, Elizabeth Wein


Deedles said...
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emily jean said...

Let me know what you think of the graveyard book. judging a book by it's title it doesn't seem like my kind of book, but isn't it on the newberry list this year? newberrys are always pretty well written.