Saturday, February 7, 2009

Post Number seventy! (yay randomness!)

I started a new painting today. I was working on my still life for Illustration 1, but... that painting is soooooo boring. Not only is it a still life, but we have to do the stupid thing in black and white. And I'm sure everyone reading this blog knows how I feel about black and white.

Even though I don't like it much, I'll let you see what it looks like. As well as a camera phone will let me, that is.

The assignment was to do a still life about either child abuse or the commercialization of Christmas. I did Christmas (if you can't tell.) Its a manger, but instead of the baby Jesus, it's holding candy and presents. The animal at the manger scene is... a piggy bank.

still life

The painting I started today... well, I was looking though our Mexico pictures and... I liked this one. So I did a painting of it.


An inch or two from the top and like 1/4 inch from the bottom aren't in the photo. But here it is. Dunno when I'll finish it, but I really should do real homework now.


Sherri said...

Good thought on the commercialization of Christmas....I love the painting of you and Caleb!! You need to name "live doll" or something. It's so dear! thanks for blogging it so I can see it.

Sherri said...

I've been looking closer at that painting. I especially his ear and hands...and his nose is so sweet...the look on your face seems distracted but so natural and comfortable with the baby...the scene just evokes endearment.