Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mission call

It arrived.

I will be serving in the Phillipines, San Pablo Mission. I'll be speaking Tagalog.


emily jean said...

You forgot to add that you report to the MTC on August 4th.

Sarah said...

Well, you did it for me. :D

Breanna said...

That's so cool!

Marlise said...

Sarah--I had heard the news but hadn't had a chance to congratulate you! I don't know if you knew this--but I served my mission in Hong Kong and there are lots of Filipinas there, working as domestic helpers. And in my last area, I covered 2 Chinese wards and 2 Filipina Branches. AND my two greenies (my last 2 companions) are from the Philippines. I even learned a little bit of Tagalog (though we mostly taught in English to them). And I love the Filipinos!! They are such a wonderful, delightful, happy people!

Anyways--I was excited for you to be going on a mission. I love my mission and it is such a part of me. But I was extra excited for you because I got to serve Filipino people for part of my mission! :)

We'll have to chat. I'm so excited for you--you'll be a wonderful missionary, I know!!