Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I have
absolutely no words
that can fully express
how totally
and completely
my mother is.

No really.

You all wish you had a mom as cool as mine.

When I called yesterday morning, all excited over the possibility of flying to California and meeting my favorite author, Megan Whalen Turner, in the company of (and with some help from) my other Book Friends (who are awesome, just by the way), I was informed that the exact dates of our family trip to Florida had JUST BARELY been definitely set... for the EXACT SAME DAYS as this trip to CA would be.

Now, I've really been looking forward to the family trip. I have. But MWT's series has been my favorite since 2007, and my roommies can attest to the extent of my obsession with these books. (As I read KoA just before officially moving down to BYU, my family has only had a watered-down version of this obsession, but knowing me, I think they get an idea of what my roommates go through in dealing with it.)

So hearing that I couldn't go meet my FAVORITE AUTHOR before she moves out of the country (and thence to the other end of the country) and I go on my mission and who-knows-what-else happens was kind of... disappointing. Except without the 'kind of'. Actually, maybe we should replace that 'kind of' with 'EXTREMELY'.

I'll just swallow my pride, own up to my absolute spoild-ness and admit that a few tears were shed over this. I blame Annie for being so understanding and sympathetic. Aren't you supposed to cry when someone is being understanding and sympathetic? I think that is some kind of rule.

Anyway, when I asked mom desperately if there was any way to change it, or maybe I could go to FL from CA, I would even make the phone calls (AND I ABHOR PHONE CALLS WITH A DEEP, DARK LOATHING... well, maybe not that extreme) or, or SOMETHING... she kind of got the idea that this author event, which would seem silly and unimportant to most people, was actually important to me. More important than a family trip to Disney World which I had seemed reasonably excited for. (Yeah, my priorities are completely wacko. Most people would take Disney World over Favorite Author and book Friends any day.)

So yesterday I was making stupid suggestions and making phone calls and... well, basically I felt like I was being an absolute pest and being the worst, whiniest, botheringest daughter ever. ("Oh boo-hoo, I have to go to Disney World. Everyone should waste time and energy and money over me. Boo-hoo." Gosh, I sound disgustingly spoiled. Yuk.) I HATE asking people to make changes for me, I'm an "ok, whatever works for you works for me, it doesn't really matter" kind of person. (At least, I think so. Maybe this is only an illusion I have of myself, and I'm actually an absolute pest. Urgh. I hope not.)

So by yesterday evening (it somehow seemed a longer time than just from morning-to-evening, but thats as long as it was) I had resigned myself to the fact that require too much bothering-of-other-people and being a self-centered pest, and that I would just content myself with sending my books to be signed and seeing the pictures of everyone else being there. And really, I would have alot of fun with my family, and it was probably for the best. I was still really disappointed though, and went to bed with a headache because I'd worked myself up over the whole thing. I mean, really, what did I have to be disappointed about? I would get over it. Really. It would just... be awhile.

But I ascended from the depths of the HFAC after class today and my phone buzzed to deliver me this glorious text message:

After all day on the phone and computer, I CHANGED ORLANDO TO MAY 2-6 SO YOU CAN GO TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!!

I called my mom. The conversation was short, but, well... you know.


You guys.

I've been walking on air ever since. Not even finals stress can bring me down.


Nothing at all.


Annie said...

--I love the tags. They are charmingly and appropriately giddy-sounding.
--From now on I will never hate anything again, but I may on occasion ABHOR certain things WITH A DEEP, DARK LOATHING. If that's alright with you?
--I am SO. HAPPY. that your mom, in all of her truly unfathomable and resplendent awesomeness, was able to work this out and send your book-bedazzled little self to your most-beloved-of-all-authors-and-book-nerd-friends-California-convalescence-of-epic-proportions.
--I heavily and shamelessly abuse hyphens sometimes.
--BWAHAHAHA I'm so glad that my sympathetic and understanding listening ploy WORKED!!!

Annie said...

Oh. And. Don't worry, you're not a spoiled brat by any means. You're a self-sufficient, very not intrusive/demanding Sarah. Endearingly quite book-obsessed. But not bratty.

And I was just kidding, I didn't really want to make you cry! Sometimes I kind of outdo myself. It happens most frequently when I wax verbose and excited whilst writing comments.

emily jean said...

Yeah, mom is pretty awesome like that.

emily jean said...

Yeah, mom is pretty awesome like that.

Jones Family said...

I agree! Your mom is TOTALLY amazing! I can't wait to hear all about both trips!

We live in a Zoo! said...

I love your mom! I'm glad you get to do both ;D

annilyns said...

I'm so glad you get to do both. It'll be great!