Monday, April 12, 2010

I really should be working on finals right now...

...but I really want a break. This is the second-to-last day of classes, after which we have reading days, after which comes... finals. Argh.

Speaking of reading days, our first reading day is Wednesday. (On a side note: I love that they're called Reading Days. I just wish that they, you know, actually WERE reading days. Ah, well.) And guess what is probably going to arrive on Wednesday.


The call has been made, now the post man just has to DELIVER it. I no longer just HOPE they call me on a mission--it has happened.

I have this weird sort of feeling, like my fate has been decided for me and yet I have no access to it. And I'm nervous and excited and... nervous. And excited.

Back to finals.


Deedles said...

Oh Sarah, remember that little conversation we had about how you write hilarious things without realizing it? Yep...pretty much sums up this post!

We live in a Zoo! said...

Wow Sarah, that is so exciting!!!

annilyns said...

I agree completely with the sentiments expressed in this post. :0)