Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, I've finally got the camera and the chord and the computer and the time all gathered together in once place so I can post some photos! The pictures are still uploading at the moment, but this post is looking like its gonna be pretty image-heavy.

While I wait for it to load, I'll just... ramble? Except that I'm not entirely sure what to talk about. Classes are the same as when I posted before. Homework is building up but, well, it tends to do that, doesn't it? It wouldn't be homework if it didn't. I will say that an extremely large proportion of my homework is reading--reading, reading, reading. In fact, the only class so far that I haven't been assigned reading for is Photography. Most of my classes require me to do reading before almost every class meeting. Good thing I don't have a big problem with reading, although of course most of the reading I have to do is text book type reading.

(Photos 43% loaded...)

I read a bit more of A Swiftly Tilting Planet last night, and while it is Very Good I most certainly don't blame my fourth-grade self for thinking it was pretty confusing. It certainly isn't the most straightforward book I've read. There is a lot of obvious religious symbolism in it which I probably didn't entirely pick up on as a fourth grader, though its obvious enough that I would have got at least an idea of what was supposed to be going on.

(Photos 78% loaded...)

We've decorated the living room wall in our apartment. I haven't taken a picture of it, but I will take one and post it later. We got little 6x8 (ish) cards and wrote little messages on them or doodled or whatever, and then we stuck them randomly all over the wall, so now out living room is no longer boring!

(Photos 99% loaded... make that 100%)

Ok, first... heres my room/bed. I've tried to make it fun/colorful. It looks a bit random/cluttered, but this is ME we're talking about, right?

pictures 259

Those little pink and orange and white pieces of paper all have quotes or sayings on them that I like. Way up above them is an ambigram that says 'Sarah' one way and 'Princess' the other way.

Now for weekend pictures.

pictures 039
Caleb loves his uncle Preston!

pictures 041
Fun playing games together

pictures 051
What're you lookin' at?

pictures 066
I find this picture immensely amusing for some reason. :)

pictures 073

pictures 070
Who handed me to this weirdo?

pictures 088
After the blessing; Lynzee, Nana, Brynn and Caleb, Emily

pictures 092
I honestly don't remember this picture being taken. I don't know what that says about my memory retention...

pictures 098
Anne took some artistic photos of Preston playing the piano.

pictures 102
Don't we look like we're enjoying ourselves?

pictures 112
Our cow is the one that goes 'moo'.

pictures 126
Anne took this one--I wish it was in color.

pictures 133
Caleb and Grandma

pictures 179
I took this one. Photoshop that tarp out of it, and I think its a very nice picture. Look at those clouds. I kinda have a thing for clouds.

pictures 184
Breanna on the Merry Go Round thingy. Whee!

pictures 245
Caleb and Daddy.

pictures 242
Caleb doing his balancing trick

pictures 249
I took this one too. It looks a bit too symmetrical, that wasn't on purpose I promise.

pictures 252
Family Picture!

pictures 255
Silly faces!

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emily jean said...

Wow some of those pics are amazing! I love the one of Bre on the merry go round. and pres's hands on the piano! anne is so upset that she doesn't have those pictures...And don't you think I have the two handsomest boys around!