Monday, September 29, 2008

Life, the Universe, and Everything

I just got 100% on my Physical Science test, which I'm pretty happy about, because this weekend decided to be crazy and I had very little time to study.

First, it was my week to work Saturday. There goes four hours.

Then, a Cleaning check. A deep one... headache.

Then, my teacher decided to remind us of an obscure assignment mentioned briefly in the syllabus that would be due on Monday.

Then, I have an art history test Tuesday which I Can't Not Study for.

And then the Physical Science test, to be taken Friday or Saturday or late day Monday.

Oh, and dancing. I was absolutely determined that I would finally go to the swing kids dance this weekend. And I did. And it was full of fun and awesomeness and all that jazz. I mean swing... and blues. Not so sure I'm a fan of the blues, but whatever, right?

Yes, well anyway, I really shouldn't be doing this right now, but this was much more entertaining than looking at my Art History notes (and then ending up doodling on them rather than studying. Which happens far too often. The last couple LDS History classes I've been to I've taken all of NO NOTES. Got plenty of sketching done, though. All the power points from the lectures are on blackboard, so I should be ok. :)

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emily jean said...

Sis, I totally hear ya!! sounds like a weekend of college life! glad to know that everything is going alright for you! Caleb is excited to see you this weekend!!!!(I am too can you tell?)