Tuesday, January 26, 2010

feeling crafty

On Saturday Kim, Kristy and Paige went to the craft store and came back with craft supplies. Paige very kindly let me use her fabric paints, so I made a couple awesome shirts--one that says "I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT!" (a quote from The King of Attolia) and the other says, "You can't," said the Magus in question and on the back it will say, "I can steal anything," Eugenides corrected him.(A quote from the Queen of Attolia)

And, though my shirts are awesome, I am almost as amused by Paige's apron. She had meant for it to say: "Kissing the cook may be HAZARDOUS to your health. Take a risk." but she kind of ran out of steam before she finished. So right now the apron reads, "Kissing the cook may be HAZARDOUS."

I kind of like it this way better.

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