Sunday, October 25, 2009


First I will say that, I have just now added a random quote generator to the side of my blog. Over on the left there, see it? The javascript and I had a bit of an argument over apostrophies, but it is there. I've been entertaining myself the last couple minutes by reloading the page over and over to see what quotes come up. There are more Lord Peter and Attolia quotes than anything else right now--whos surprised?--but I think I will add more quotes and it'll even out with time.

Now, on to the actual subject of this entry...

This Halloween season has started a week early, it seems. Since Halloween is a Saturday, people are scheduling parties a week ahead!

This year I decided to dress up as Attolia/Irene from The Thief, The Queen of Attolia and The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner. (Yes, the title character of the second book.) Yes, I know that nobody else really knows who that is. But if I did something everyone else likes I wouldn't have had near as much fun putting my costume together, and really, my own entertainment was all I really cared about anyway.

I was asked to make a Rustic Apple Tart for the Illustration Association party. (They gave me the recipe.) Here is the finished product:

And now some costume pics.

Annilyn, Me, and Brooke:

Brooke, Me, Annilyn, and Caitlin:


Shadow Queen...

I was trying to figure out the 'stone face' look. And failing, but I was trying.

Gotta get a hair shot (even though Irene's hair is supposed to be black...)


Who am I that you should love me?

Happy primary-color-and-metallic embrioidered sheet-wearing cultural royalty:

Stern primary-color-and-metallic embrioidered sheet-wearing cultural royalty (I'd got in some practice by this time, so I really could do the Attolia Stone Face):


Megan said...

Splendid! You look spectacular and you really do have that haughty look down to a T. Is it okay if I am having a fall on the floor giggle at the idea of the queen of Attolia in the kitchen by the stove? It is very cracktastic, I think.


emily jean said...

I like the happy face better than the stone face. Why practice such a thing? Honestly?

P.S. I read Warrior Heir and loved it!

Sherri said...

The gold embroidery was not in the close-up shots..... I wanted to see it closer.

annilyns said...

Being awesome cultural royalty that no one else understands ROCKS!!!!! And so does Sarah!

Jocelyn said...

Sarah Bowthorpe!!!!! Oh my freaking gosh she commented on your blog! First! Wow! Sweet costume btw