Monday, July 20, 2009

A Librivoxateer!

I have officially spent all the money on myself that I'm going to for the whole summer. That is, on stuff other than food and housing. I really have. This is the last For My Own Amusement And Enjoyment purchase I will make for the next six weeks.


Right now, I'm going to push the buttons that will buy me a basic, not-fancy microphone for this computer. So I can be a real librivoxateer.

Here goes.


Ok, I did it.

I'm pretty excited about it, I'm not gonna lie. Reading audiobooks has been a sort of vagueish dream of mine for quite awhile. Mom says she thinks she can find the recording I started of The Phantom Tollbooth from about fifth grade. I'm really interested to hear it... I don't really remember if I did well. In my head, my memory of it sounds good (The lines I remember being "You're... in... the Dooooooldrums" and "My, my, my, my, my, my, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome To the Land of Expectations, To the Land of Expectations, to the Land of Expectations. I'm the Whether Man, do you think it will rain?), but if she finds the casettes I'll be curious to hear how well I read then. My roommies assure me that I read very well now.


annilyns said...

I love Librivox! We just finished Great Expectations. What will you read?

Sarah said...

I've volunteered to do a few chapters from Once On A Time by A. A. Milne. (Yes, That A. A. Milne. As in Winnie the Pooh A. A. Milne. :-)

annilyns said...

I know who AA Milne is not in contradiction to my being Ukraine obsessed...since Russians have Бинни Пух...heeheeehee

BonnieandSteve said...

I told you librovox was totally awesome! And now your are even more nifty because you are a reader!!!!

By the way this is Bonnie from Thiefcon, you know Kims sister. . .

I'm so glad to find your blog! It's great! I was googling images of Megan Whalen Turner hoping to get some new pictures to photo/morph for the next Thiefcon and your picture of Moira showed up and I said "hey now, I know that artistic style." and there you were.

Anyways just saying HI!