Saturday, July 4, 2009

Experiments in Gouache

What have you been doing for your July Fourth? I've had mine mostly to myself, since most of the roommies are out with family, to do whatever I want. I decided to spend a bit of time getting a little better acquainted with Gouache.

Ok, so for the first experiment I used very thin paint on smooth white board. The Lovely Anne was the model for this piece--I went through all the picures from the day of Calebs baby blessing and just grabbed a couple that I kind of liked. Though I've learned that it isn't really very good, I don't think I'll ever learn to stop loving pictures with the sharp contrasts you get in very bright sunlight. I wish I had a better way than a cameraphone to show these to you--the colors are in reality a bit brighter than they look here.



For the next experiment, I used dry paint on very rough black paper. I've had this fancy black paper since my first semester when I had to get a huge sheet of it for my 2D class and didn't use it all. Its not really made for painting on, but as I said this is all experimental anyway. Because of its great texture, It was very easy to get the paint to break--the hard part, in fact, was getting it wet enough to fill in the gaps without becoming too thin to see.

dry bush girl



Annie said...

I like, I like! Both very successful experiments, I say. Exciting to be making headway with a new(ish) medium!

Today we swam a little and read by the pool and then went down to Provo to watch the Stadium of Fiyah bonanza from the MTC field by the temple. The we spent almost two hours driving home in traffic. Yay!

Deedles said...

Sweet! You were very successful and productive yesterday!

Anne Joy said...

You may not remember some on the canvases and boards and other things you can paint on here...Are you feeling short on supplies? I have always made sure you were supplied with art what do you need?

Sherri said...

Actually, that comment in Anne's name was me--she was signed in on my computer...sorry.

Sherri said...

We want alot more "experiments"! Do you have some on-going paintings too?