Friday, March 13, 2009

Life is good.

Insanely busy, yes. Often stressful, definitely. But good... undoubtably.

Had another very good week. And, if I stay on task this weekend and don't play around TOO much, next week should be pretty good as well.

Part of this good mood is probably due to the fact that its Friday. My schedule Monday-Thursday is INSANE (less than 3 hours of in-between time through the day) and Fridays is a sudden, blissful emptiness of no classes.

TGIF :-)

Why are Cornelia Funke's books so long? I feel like I'm not getting any reading done because it takes forever to get through all those pages...

What will I read next? I have a hugely long list of books to read, and there are at least five that are fighting for the top position...

In my Illustration 1 class our second still life will be due next monday. This one is in color (Halelujah!)

still life color


shanellesorensen said...


emily jean said...

I like bananas coconuts and grapes

Deedles said...

I really like this Sarah! I am so oblivious to what my talented roomies are up to. I saw Brooke's awesome painting as well.

Deedles said...

Also, I am actually using my blog now!