Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kids art projects

Today was officially the first day of doing art projects with little kids. Six of them (Little Kids, not art projects).

It was fun. And hectic. I think I got the timing about right, though... if I wanted the kids to sit and paint much longer than they did I think there would have been a mutiny. As it was, however, they were pretty well behaved, and payed attention up until the last little bit. Tomorrow I think I'll want to make the opening activity take a bit longer... that should help.

But now I'd like some food (I had cereal for breakfast and a bagel for lunch and thats about all I ate today... I'm bad at remembering to eat when I'm busy). And then I need to call my art teacher so I can drive her some herbs... then I think I'm going to go down to bed to just sit and read.

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