Saturday, November 7, 2009

Etsy store!

Hello friends, family, and associates! For awhile now I've talked about selling snowflakes "for real"... well, now I'm really going to do it.

I'm still working to get this site up and running and just to figure out how these things work, but please look at my shop:

and especially, Tell anyone and everyone you know that might be interested or might know someone who is interested.. I'm really going to try to get this really going for this snowflake season, and any and all help getting the word out is appreciated.

Thanks all!


emily jean said...

Make sure that you sign every one of those snowflakes!

Lynzee Marie said...

Thoose are really cool Srrah!

Laurel said...


I looked at your snowflakes and they are really impressive. I especially like the Nativity themed ones.

I wonder why you don't sell your beautiful paintings on Etsy though! If I had any money I would commision you to paint portraits of my kids.

(this is your cousin Laurel, Anna Lois' daughter BTW)