Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second Day of Classes

I'm going to like my Tuesdays and Thursdays. My classes are New Testament, World Dance, Narrative 1 (which is going to be AWESOME), and Illustration 1 (which will probably be my hardest art class, and probably my hardest class PERIOD, but it is also going to be AWESOME.)

And, now that I'm in the BFA program, I get Studio Space. Oh yes. I am really, really excited about this. No more trying to carefully arrange the easel and palette and towel and turpenoid all on my desk at once. I AM OFFICIAL NOW.

Not much more to add. Except that the phone chord is still lost. I don't really know where to look. And I'm wearing my nerd rock and it makes me happy. And one day I will be Brave and Wear It In Public and people will be like, "Oh.... I, uh, like your necklace." And I will be Amused.


Makayla Mackie said...

hey sarah! Congrats on getting into the BFA program! that's so awesome! and you should totally wear the nerd rock!

Breanna said...

I got you some canvases to paint on. Hey---paint is pain with a "t."