Friday, April 24, 2009

Another List

So I think I like lists. Or, rather, I like the idea of lists. I am definitely a person who isn't particularly Organized, and lists carry with them the idea of organization with a fraction of the effort. And the benefit, but yanno, you get what you pay for. Or... well, you know what I mean.

So here is another list, for your amusement.

Responses to the statement "I'm An Illustration Major":
-Oh, you're in the artist apartment!
-I... didn't know that was a major.
-Oh, thats cool. I'm in *insert intellectual sounding math-or-sciense-based major here*
-Like, for kids books?
-I know. (nod toward notebook margin, which is filled with doodles.)
-Thats, like, art, isn't it?
-What is that, exactly?
-My (*obscure relative*) wrote a book, you should do the pictures!
-Thats awesome, I really need a logo for this business you're trying to start.

Can anyone think of more that could be on the list? (Artist people, I'm looking at you specifically.)


Lynzee Marie said...

You could be a double major if you want.

Sherri said...

Actually, I do want a Sarah-designed logo for my sunrider business. Let your mind run on it and see what comes. The flaming hand is still brilliant. Post it on your blog so I can see it again.