Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ok, so I just barely posted. But now that I've had the job two weeks, I have some things to say about it... pros and cons, mostly.

-Books. Nuff said.
-Employee Discount. (20%off ; 10% off textbooks) I must remember that it is generally a good idea to NOT spend my whole pay check at the place where I work.
-Employees are allowed to check books out from the store, as long as they're returned in saleable condition. I have taken advantage of this-I've checked out and read two and a half books.
-ARCs. For the non-book-nerds out there, ARC stands for 'Advance Readers Copy', or an uncorrected proof. These are copies sent out to book sellers/reviewers before the book is released. (Random fact you don't care to know: ARCs are made out of cheaper materials than the published books, but are actually more expensive to make because they're produced in smaller quantities.) Our supervisor showed us the shelf of ARCs and told us to take our pick. So now I have the new Robin McKinley (which won't be released for another couple months), the new Terry Prachett (whose books have been highly recommended to me but I've actually never read one... I find it amusing that the first I'll read is one that has not yet been released) and another book that looked like it could be interesting.


-Customers can be... annoying. They get frustrated with you if the store doesn't carry the book they want (I don't make the orders!), they leave their drinks sitting around on the shelves (this happens more often than you'd think!) they pick up a book, carry it around for awhile, and then shelve it somewhere else Completely Wrong.
-I'm still figuring out where on earth everything is supposed to go. Sometimes it doesn't really seem to have much rhyme or reason--its just where things are.
-In order to take the job I had to change a class to 8 am. I don't like having to be to class that early.

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emily jean said...

8 am is not that early---then again it depends on who your roommates are...